A Basket Full of Culture, Gothenburg, Sweden

New Culture House in Gothenburg

With Sweco’s Architects responsible for the design, a new social hub intended to attract all members of society is taking shape in the Bergsjön area of Sweden’s second city Gothenburg, a historic seaport.


Sweco Architects won a competition arranged by the City’s property company to design the new Culture House. The winning proposal was named: Kulturkorgen – A Basket Full of Culture.

The architects behind the proposal emphasise that the physical design of the building is important, but that at the same time it must integrate a multitude of activities and create a safe space for all its users, performing the function of a public living room. In addition, it was important to consider the surrounding topography. The Culture House will be rich in colours and patterns and will be characterised by a welcoming and inviting atmosphere which speaks to all the citys residents.

Construction started in 2020 and the Culture House is growing from the existing hill, twisting and blending with the existing square beside it, Rymdtorget. Embracing the square was one of the guiding principles set by the client and this gave rise to Sweco’s design of the west facade, a glazed timber framed façade which will connect the interior to the new urban space. Rymdtorget will be enriched with amenities such as green spaces, seating areas, areas for play as well as stages for performances.

The Culture House will include a library, a café, ateliers, exhibition space, meeting rooms, a studio, a small theatre, a greenhouse, and less-defined spaces for studying or just hanging out. Another guiding principle was the internal movement around the atrium of the building. When visiting, you will be able circle the atrium and be aware of more or less everything going on inside. This will also help create a sense of security around the public space.

Such was the importance for the City to get the new development right, the project has been planned for and communicated to the public for almost a decade. Public participation during this time took place in the form of focus groups and workshops.

In collaboration with the client, Sweco has strived to keep the new building present in peoples’ minds during planning and construction. One initiative has been for Sweco to participate, when possible, in the annual Tellus Cultural Festival, helping to arrange fun workshops and planting flowers on the green hillside. Another has been to invite students from the local high school to the Sweco office to discuss the design, as well as giving them a glimpse into what it is like to work as an architect.

The proposal won the category, ”Future Projects, Cultural” at the World Architecture Festival 2017 in Berlin.


Gothenburg, Sweden


Higab for the City of Gothenburg




2,700 sqm

Point of contact

Margareta Diedrichs, Sweden

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