AOK Health Center, Berlin, Germany

New health centre offers a wide range of medical practices under the same roof

Within the walls of this new six-storey building, an innovative health centre is being created on a corner plot in the Berlin-Wedding district, with its architecture blending in discreetly and elegantly into the historical context.


The new health centre replaces the old building dating from the 1960s, which is located near the new location and no longer meets today's patient requirements nor their increasing number. The aim was to create a modern facility where medical and therapeutic services covering a wide range of disciplines with personal consultation, can be offered under one roof.

The 4,850 square meters of net floor area will accommodate 16 medical practices, a laboratory, a physiotherapy practice, a second opinion consultation service for severe or rare conditions, the Institute for Psychogenic Diseases as well as the Center for Prevention Services. The contemporary new building fills an available space in its urban setting, fitting in elegantly with the historic shopping street.

Doing justice to all the functional requirements in the limited space available and beside a busy road junction, was a major challenge to face. Acting as a general planner, Sweco was responsible for all functional, technical as well as financial aspects of the project. Therefore, it was essential to take a holistic approach during the design process and we did this through constant collaboration with the client from the very beginning.

The easily accessible location offers some 60,000 AOK insured members living in the catchment area, optimum health care and high quality treatment rooms. For those working there, some 110 health care professionals, the new centre will help make daily processes as smooth as possible and provide a pleasant working atmosphere. The fully-glazed foyer located on the street, provides easy access to the corner building and with its open design, is welcoming to all those passing through. Above the two-storey deep basement, the facade is composed of clinker and bronze-colored aluminum cladding. Staggered, anthracite-colored window elements complement a varied facade.




Ostender Str. 1/Ecke Müllerstrasse 143a, 13353 Berlin


AOK Nordost, Verwaltung/Immobilien




Net floor area: 4,850 m²



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