Baoshan Future Industry Park, Baoshan, China

New urban node with variation and diversity as fundamental values for creativity

The development of a new district and an office area for the future is underway in Baoshan district, just north of central Shanghai. The vision for the area is an accessible office landscape which encourages interaction and well-being amongst its users.


In 2014, Shanghai Jinxun Estate Management Co. Ltd initiated an invitational architecture competition with the aim of transforming an area previously used by the steel industry into a modern district. Three companies were invited to participate, one of them being Sweco, which submitted the winning proposal. The commission entailed producing a structural plan for 2.1 square kilometres, as well as an architectural assignment for the pilot phase of 14 hectares. These 14 hectares include city planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, signage programmes lighting as well as traffic planning.

Sweco's idea has its basis in the theme of ”Work-Live-Play”- creating a workplace of the future within a varied environment allowing its users the opportunity to live in the same area. The architectural concept is based on reducing the scale to a campus-like environment, one which offers service and stimulating environments at flexible times. The buildings are of varying sizes with individual architectonic expressions.

The landscape between the buildings varies from large-scale to smaller, more private spaces. The external environments complement the buildings adjacent to them and blur the boundaries between inside and outside. The working principle has been to create a ”necklace of spaces” along the x,y and z axes - a varied palette with sites at different levels and of different characters.

The buildings are flexible in order to meet tomorrow's requirements for office environments to enable businesses to easily expand or consolidate over time. The cultural aspects have influenced the positioning of buildings and entrances, as well as the sequences of spaces and outdoor environments. The buildings are designed and positioned to maximize the benefits of solar radiation and wind both from the perspective of energy consumption as well as for the well-being of its inhabitants.

A VR-simulated urban environment enabled architects and the client to engage in a mutually beneficial dialogue to discuss the buildings' and the intermediate spaces' size, scale and design at an early stage in the project.

Sweco's architects in Stockholm have led and participated in the process from concept stage to completion with a significant physical presence during the design and construction phases. SIADR was the local collaborative partner with principal responsibility for the coordination of local engineering skills and assistance with adapting and approving drawings through the different design stages.

Upon its completion in summer 2020, the area will accommodate 27 new buildings including offices, commercial businesses, hotels and housing.


Baoshan Industrial Park


Baoshan, China


Shanghai Jinxun Estate Management Co. Ltd


14 ha, 28 buildings


Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape architecture, interior design, Lighting design

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Christer Stenmark
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