Chiemsee Hospice, Bernau (Bavaria), Germany

Giving more life to days when you can’t give life more days

Blending in seamlessly with its surroundings, the Chiemsee Hospice in Bernau exudes an atmosphere of trust while providing care for its residents.


On the street facing-side it can be seen that the hospice has two-storeys, with a plastered facade and an aluminum-covered gable roof. Attached to the main structure is a flat, one-storey building with its facade clad with wooden slats.
The ten individual rooms for residents are located on the ground floor, to the south or west, so that they enjoy optimal light. Via generous sliding doors, the rooms have their own terrace, which comes with a view of the adjacent forest and the alpine panorama.

The owner’s primary concern was to translate the principles of the hospice movement into the architecture of the facility, i.e. giving more life to days when you can’t give life more days.

Sweco’s approach embraced the very different needs of the individual residents. For example, by creating flexibility in the arrangement of furniture and decoration in the 30 square metres available for this, by creating different spaces for retreat (terraces, patios), and by allowing individual, rapid control of temperature and ventilation. Throughout the project, the architects and representatives of the participating hospice associations engaged in intensive discussions about these issues.

Sustainability was important in the choice of building materials, as well as in the energy generation. The hospice is a solid wood construction, the energy is generated with the help of an air source heat pump and photovoltaics, and the roof has been greened. The walls, stairs and furniture are also made of wood. The climate-regulating properties of this renewable raw material also contribute to a pleasant indoor climate. Using solid wood also enabled a time-saving construction method, which in turn led to financial savings.

To keep the distances for residents and staff as short as possible, all rooms used for nursing care are also located on the ground floor. At its core, there is an interior patio and the hospice’s Reflection Room. A recreational room with an area for communal cooking and access to a sheltered terrace, serves as a central meeting place for residents and visitors. On the upper floor, there are two guest rooms equipped for nursing care, and a meeting room. All have access to the expansive forest-facing roof terrace.


Baumannstrasse 83233 Bernau am Chiemsee


Chiemseehospiz gKU Pettenkoferstr




Gross floor area: 1,537 m² usable floor space: 770 m²


Project planning for buildings and interiors, LPH 1-9

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Sweco Architects Munich/Germany (Claudia Specht)

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