Vier Giebel, Stuttgart, Germany

A new urban building in the centre of Stuttgart

Located in the historical old town area of Stuttgart, Eberhard Street is a multifunctional residential, office and retail building consisting of three distinct parts, drawing on the characteristics of the neighbouring urban environment. Several important historical buildings are located close to the project.


The neighbourhood includes buildings like the Hegel House, the birthplace of a famous Stuttgart native. The Art Nouveau style Graf Eberhard Building, which was built as the final piece in the renovation of the old town by the Association for the Wellbeing of the Working Classes. The 61- metre-high tower "Tagblatt", built in 1928 in the New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit) style. The world's first skyscraper built in fair-faced concrete is today a landmark in Stuttgart.

In close collaboration with the client, Sweco has developed a versatile new complex that fits well into its highly frequented and remarkable urban setting that respects the historical surrounding while optimizing the ground floor area. The vertical green facades in the courtyard are aesthetically pleasing and provide ecological benefits to the area.


Eberhardstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany


LBBW Immobilien Management GmbH




10.500 sqm


Architecture, Urban planning

Point of contact

Sweco Architects, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich / Germany

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