Israels Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark

From lifeless car park to a new breathing space protected from traffic

The creation of Israels Plads is part of Copenhagen Municipality’s strategy to create more urban life and less car traffic in the Danish capital. After an extensive transformation the plaza is today revitalized as a breathing space, protected from traffic in the centre of Copenhagen.


Israels Plads is located in the centre of Copenhagen, but several decades ago the plaza was located on the edge of the city. Through the years the city gradually expanded, and the square developed into a vibrant marketplace. In the 1950s, the plaza became a car park.

Today – after an extensive transformation – Israels Plads is once again a vibrant, urban space in Copenhagen. The vision for the project has been to turn the former car park into a new diverse plaza for citizens and tourists with spaces and zones for both leisure, sports and relaxation – a new space that supports the urban strategy for the capital.

Israels Plads is a public space shared by Copenhageners – during the day, the space serves as a schoolyard. In the afternoon it is the setting for sports and leisure activities, a place for an informal meal or a safe transit route for cyclists or pedestrians. The transformation of the plaza has created a new urban space, where hundreds of people pass through and use every day.

Israels Plads is designed as a floating granite surface with “folds” at the corners serving as stairs for seating. The surface hovers over the many cars, that once dominated Israels Plads. Today, the cars park in a major underground garage. The raised granite pavement protrudes into the new and nearby H.C. Ørsted Park, while the park’s greenery is drawn into the square in the form of scattered solitary trees.


Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen Municipality




8.400 sqm


Landscape architects

Cooperation partners

COBE, Niras

Point of contact

Christian Sørensen

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