Rantzausbakke, Horsens, Denmark

A green residential neighbourhood focusing on bringing residents together

With its various housing types, Rantzausbakke in Horsens will become a new and manifold housing area, where the architecture integrates the surrounding landscape. With its recreational green spaces and common facilities, the design encourages residents to have social interaction throughout the neighbourhood.


Rantzausbakke in Horsens will be a new neighbourhood, where the future residents will have easy access to a lake, a forest and the surrounding landscape of meadows.

The new residential area Rantzausbakke is subdivided into three smaller residential areas – Bakken, Engen and Lunden – each with its own identity, with different building structures, plant species, types of roads and parking conditions that emphasise the diversity of the neighbourhoods.

Bakken, Engen and Lunden contain different types of housing, which will be targeted at different users, age groups and types of families. Sweco worked together with the client to help realise their vision for Rantzausbakke, i.e., to create a diverse residential neighbourhood with focus on recreational outdoor areas and encouraging social interaction. –For example, every residential area will be designed with intimate green courtyards between the buildings for the benefit of the residents.

When the project is completed, Rantzausbakke will cover an area of almost 37,000 m2 and comprise 400 homes.

Bakken, Engen and Lunden are connected by a central green space, which also serves as the common outdoor area that is designed to offer different activities.
Centrally located in the green area, a community centre will be built, where the residents can meet for common dining, playground activities, outdoor fitness, bonfires and to enjoy the common gardens. The entire area is connected by paths, which also provide easy access to the nearby Åbjerg Forest, Bygholm Lake and the countryside.

The outdoor areas at Rantsauzbakke are also characterised by visible rainwater management solutions in the form of rain beds, lakes and ditches, that channel rainwater away from the residential area to Bygholm Lake. The recreational use of rainwater adds value to the outdoor environment, creating a varied expression throughout the entire area.


Horsens, Denmark


Birch Ejendomme




37,000 sqm

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