Sirius Advokater, Copenhagen, Denmark

An informal office environment that supports culture and workflow

At the harbour quay in Copenhagen the Danish law firm Sirius Advokater has a new base in a former warehouse that has been transformed into offices. With a transparent and informal office environment, the interior design supports the firm's culture and work processes.


The vision for the new interior design of Sirius Advokater was – based on wishes from the management and employees – to create an informal, welcoming and atmospheric framework for their operations, where clients can be received in a professional setting, where they feel safe and comfortable.

The work of lawyers often requires discretion and privacy, and therefore it was important for all all employees to have individual offices. In addition, a number of meeting rooms are specially designed for hosting mediation and negotiations between clients. At the same time, it was important to create an office environment with a transparent character, so employees and visitors sense the workflow and everyday life in the office. Combined with open, informal meeting places, the interior encourages dialogue and knowledge sharing between the employees – an important culture at Sirius Advokater and something the decor now supports.

“Following close collaboration with Sirius Advokater,and listening to their needs and wishes, we chose to partition offices and meeting rooms with large glass walls to create privacy, while still ensuring that employees and visitors would always sense the people and life in the office. The glass walls, which can be screened by heavy curtains, create a beautiful shadow effect, and are also architecturally aligned with the warehouse’s industrial style.”
Mette Gravergaard, Creative Manager for Spaceplanning and Interior Design

The interior design of Sirius Advokater consists of a back-office for employee facilities and offices as well as a more open and accessible front-office with meeting centre, reception, lounge area – where guests can prepare before and after meetings – and an open staff restaurant, which is also used for meetings, teaching and customer events.




Sirius Advokater


Completed 2018


Spaceplanning and interior design

Point of contact

Mette Gravergaard, Denmark

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