Tallmon, Älvkarleby, Sweden

All life has a place

Some years ago, Älvkarleby Municipality made an important decision to improve the quality of life for its elderly residents when they reach the stage in life that living at home becomes difficult. The resulting care home facilities are situated in the beautifully located old mill town Skutskär, at the mouth of the Dalälven river.


Tallmon Care Home, is a major investment. 80 new apartments have been built in direct connection to an existing home with 47 apartments. The new apartments are grouped in two circular volumes that form a green courtyard. Residents and visitors are welcomed by staff at the reception in the main entrance. The reception is directly adjacent to the building’s inner square, an area that provides residents and visitors with ample space to meet and links the new buildings with the existing ones. In one corner there is a library and in the other you can sit and relax by the fireplace. The square also leads to the hairdresser, dentist and spa.

With the vision "all life has a place", our architects started working on the project in 2015. Continuous collaboration with the client was key during all stages.
The accommodation is designed with residents suffering from dementia in mind. Within each grouping of ten apartments, there are common rooms of different sizes, giving the residents the opportunity to choose between keeping themselves to a more secluded corner, or to socialise in a larger group. Measures are in place to keep the residents secure at the same time as there is this choice of living environments, and movement is possible within a safe zone. On the third floor, in one of the volumes, there is space for a sensory room, rehabilitation facilities and a sauna. In the second volume, situated in the corresponding location, there are staff rooms and rooms for resting, as well as overnight apartments.


Skutskär, Sweden


Älvkarleby Municipality


127 apartments, supporting facilities, 9, 500 sqm



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Stella Lindstam


Tim Meier

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